The Women’s Economic Development Council (WEDC) was founded on the premise that professional women in our area wanted and needed support, encouragement, and networking time with other women. WEDC has committed its resources and influence to meeting this goal.  Mentoring is a proven method of getting the best out of every individual in an organization. Business success is all about connections and building a strong network.

This organization provides a great opportunity to share and learn from others of diverse careers, life choices, leadership skills, personal vision, and goals.  Finding out how our members got where they are today, who helped them, obstacles they overcame, and where they still want to go. By sharing experiences and desires, our members are able to connect with their peers and provide mentoring to one another.

Our goal is for our members to deeply connect with one another so we help one another grow our businesses, our careers, and inspire our personal passion.


  WEDC is a membership organization dedicated to education, mentoring, and networking opportunities. 

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