Women's Economic Development Council

Moving Forward from Good to Great!

23 Jan 2014 9:26 PM | Sandra Edwards
Dear Members,
Thank you for the wonderful turn out at January's meeting. We now begin our journey from Good to Great!

Turning good into great takes energy, but the building of momentum adds more energy back into the pool than it takes out.  
Conversely, perpetuating mediocrity is an inherently depressing process and drains much more energy out of the pool than 
it puts back in.  Get involved in something you care so much about that you want to make it the best it can be!  For like all 
basic truths about what is best for human beings, when we catch a glimpse of that truth, we know that our own lives and all 
that we touch will be better for making the effort to get there.  
Great Life = Meaningful Life = Meaningful Work 

What WEDC project  will you put your energy into this year??

2014 WEDC President
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