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President's Monthly Recap

11 May 2014 11:23 PM | Sandra Edwards
Hello Friends!

 I am a little late with my recap this month, but things have been very busy lately with all of the many activities going on this spring and the end of schools activities. It has been fun observing the kids graduating this year and their excitement about what lies ahead in their future. They are all struggling with what they want to do when they grow up.

This very topic is one I think we all struggle with at some point in our lives and this month’s meeting gave us some good information to help clarify our thinking. At this month’s meeting Jamilla Randall reviewed Good to GreatChapter 5: The Hedgehog concept and spoke to us about finding our passion. When I was listening to her I was reminded of a person I have met just recently. I  had the fortune to spend a few days in Huntsville Hospital last month. On my first day there, not feeling well at all, a lady comes bounding into my room with a big smile and introduces herself as Karen with housekeeping and she would be visiting me everyday to clean my room. My husband responded with a comment like, "Well, that's an important job.” She replied    ”Yes, it is very important, lots of germs in a hospital. I love to clean and disinfect. I hate dirt! I see a speck of dirt and I just have to  go after it. (She paused and smiled bigger)...I think it is my OCD, but  I love my job!.” Every day she would come with the same sunny disposition. She became the highlight of my day. A job one might feel insignificant in the big scheme of things became integral in my satisfaction as a customer. Karen had found a job that she was passionate about, she was good at, and really needed doing. She found her sweet spot. How lucky is the hospital to find a person like that. I was kinda wishing I could take her home with me...

The Hedge concept encourages us to focus on that one thing we (or our companies) are good at, just one thing. Because if we spread ourselves trying to do too much, we lose focus and it is harder to do many things well. Then it must be the one thing that  you also ENJOY doing. But THEN there is the real clincher….. finding this one thing that is also needed and others would be willing to pay you to do it! When you do that…..you have found your sweet spot.

Let’s look at WEDC as an example. Here is our mission: The WEDC is a group of women business professionals who provide opportunities to women for leadership and economic development through education, mentoring and networking. So let’s ask ourselves: is this something we can get passionate about? Is this something we are good at? And lastly do we provide a value that women are willing to invest in ? I hope we all answer a resounding YES! But here is another question we need to ask.....can we lose focus or try to do to much?.... We probably answered yes to this too. In everything WEDC does, participates in, supports, we need to always come back to our mission and validate the things we are doing.

One thing I hope we can all get passionate about is our Leadership conference. At this month’s meeting Sonja Greene and Karen Ouriel gave a short presentation about our Leadership Conference. This is going to be a wonderful event on November 13th and 14th.  Our committees have been doing a great job pulling it all together. This conference is designed to fully support our mission of providing education, mentoring and networking opportunities to women. This conference is our OUTREACH to the community. We need to get the word out to all the women in our community! Every WEDC member was challenged to invite someone to come to the conference. Every WEDC member was also asked to take a corporate information packet to their business or to give to another business contact and ask for their participation. If you were not at the meeting our conference chairs can email you a packet. We need everyone involved to make this conference successful! Registration is open on our WEDC website.www.wedchsv.org.

Also we have a facebook page and event set up so if you are on facebook please go search for Women's Economic Development Council and like/share/post on our page!! This page is different to our WEDC Group, which is for members only communication.

There are also a lot of great activities so please check the newsflash and/or website and stay involved!

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