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2015 WEDC President's Blog - January

26 Jan 2015 11:55 AM | Leigh Christian

January 2015 brought us a great WEDC meeting to recap and reflect on Moving forward from Good to Great in 2014.  With the outstanding leadership of President Sandy Edwards and her board and committee chairs, our organization grew tremendously.  One of many amazing accomplishments last year was the first Women’s Leadership Conference.  Lane Fabby and her team planned and orchestrated the conference that was tailored specifically to each person and they were able to assess their strengths and how to capitalize on them.  The WEDC 2014 Leadership Conference was designed to provide Education, Mentoring, and Networking Opportunities to Emerging, Transitioning, and Executive Leaders who were seeking professional development growth.  The outstanding speakers provided entertainment, substantial advice and inspiration beyond measure.  Many thanks for an amazing 2014 and we recognized Sandy Edwards for her leadership.

As 2015 President. I shared some of my vision for 2015.  I have always felt that CONNECTIONS are the most important thing you can have.  Our theme for this year will be CONNECTIONS.  Connecting to Ourselves, Our Organization and Others.  We will use the book by John Maxwell – “Everybody Communicates – Few Connect”.   Each one of our committees:  Leadership/Training, Internal Networking, Membership, Mentorship, Communications, Community Outreach, and Finance Committees shared what they will focus on.  Please contact me at leigh.christian@aetossystems.com to connect to a committee if you have not done so already.  Thank you to each committee that has already made plans for this year!  I am available and am looking forward to connecting with you.  I want our WEDC group to become friends, supporters, encouragers, promoters and help each other more than ever before.  Suggest a career, a job, teaming, working together, etc. to your fellow WEDC Member.  We need to use our connections to ensure we are all connected better.  I want to thank you in advance for participating in WEDC and want to encourage you to become more active, attend more events, find ways to team or partner, to get involved and to get CONNECTED.  I want to emphasize the WEDC Retreat because this is a special way to connect more closely than ever.  I have not always made this a priority but this year I am!  It may seem a little expensive however I beg to differ – there is not enough money in the world to spend, to invest in yourself!  It is priceless!

Looking forward to connecting with you all! 

Leigh Christian

2015 WEDC President

As President of the Women's Economic Development Council, I pledge to  exemplify our mission statement; and will preserve the importance and  respect of my position. I will work consistently with passion, honesty,  integrity, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to creativity and  innovation to bring about continued changes according to our WEDC organizational plan; to pro-actively represent and promote our membership:  and to uphold the values and purpose of the WEDC as defined by its founders.

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