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2015 WEDC President's Blog - February

17 Feb 2015 11:01 AM | Leigh Christian

Happy Valentine’s Late!  I LOVE you all and am so honored to serve as your WEDC President this year.  I really enjoy the connections that we are already making this year.  I’ve made some CONNECTIONS in January –

At “Lunch with Leigh” I connected with Tamra Ozbolt with Emerald City Initiatives and we had a great lunch at Mango’s.  I found out she loves all things “OZ” and she loves Wizard of Oz.  (Even her company name is associated with it!) 

I also was excited to learn more about our Member Spotlight member - Colleen Buckner, President of Select Solutions, LLC; Select Solutions has a just-in-time solution using experts you can employ on a temporary short or long term basis.  By using their experts on a temporary basis you save time and money and get experienced talent to meet your needs.

 I attended the WEDC Membership Committee meeting and we focused on new members and recruiting.  Remember please look at New Member recruiting on website if you plan to sponsor a new member.  You had to have attended Sponsor Training already!  The potential member needs to fall in the categories for membership also! 

At our WEDC Training Meeting luncheon – we were treated to a Cajun meal of Red Beans & Rice and Sausage.  We had a great powerful inspirational group of WEDC members and guests in attendance!

Our Spotlight Committee this month – Internal networking - Alka Bhargav, chair of Internal Networking Committee (INC) shared about the retreat and even showed off her little dancing skills!  Those of us who have already signed up for WEDC Retreat received Mardi Gras beads.  I cannot wait to have some real one on one fun time with other WEDC members.  This time will be priceless and the connections unbelievable!  I hope you will join us!  She shared about upcoming events at Renaissance Theater on February 20 where WEDC members will watch “the Odd Couple.”  With our very own Nora Hickman directing.  Alka’s Connection Challenge was for any WEDC Member that attends the most WEDC Internal Networking events will win a really really really BIG prize…

Our Leadership Training Committee with Laura Mickels as Chair worked hard on determining our gift for speakers and other special people we want to recognize and Melissa Bullard had a special WEDC coin made. I want one!   This is an important military tradition and is well known in our community.  I have two very special coins that were given to me and I treasure them.   There is a tradition in the military to give special coins as gifts of honor, respect, gratitude and loyalty. The origin of these coin gifts is unknown, but there are legends dating back as far as World War I.

Reflection - Our own General, Paulette Risher shared about this tradition and shared a meaningful story of when she gave two coins to two young soldiers.  She met someone many years later that told her what it meant to these two soldiers.  You just need to ask her about this touching story.  (Can’t tell you everything because we hope you will come to our next meeting)  

Our Mentoring Committee had questions at our tables and we connected through discussions.  Most of the questions were about how you connect to someone when you first meet them, and also about listening.  I think having this planned discussion really helped us open up to each other. 

Speaker - What a treat to have Paul Finley with Paul Finley Consulting as our February speaker.  He shared about the Real Colors® Management to help us understand human behavior, and how to make better connections.  He correlated from our Book - John Maxwell’s – “Everybody Communicates, Few Connect” and the first chapter – “Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation.”  Paul shared how understanding who you are and how you react, and understand who you are dealing with; can make such a difference in creating a great connection. So I think everyone figured out who was each color and it was fun–BLUE represents Compassionate; GOLD – Responsible; ORANGE – Spontaneous, GREEN – Conceptual.  I am a blue for sure - what color are you?  To further your interest, Paul offers The Real Colors® Management Workshop, which is a ½ day opportunity for professionals to examine who they are and how they relate to their associates in the workplace.  Attendees learn their distinct temperament (Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange), gaining insight into their thought process and management style.  The class then participates in an interactive, fun group activity that details the areas that are most important to each temperament.  Discussions reveal insight critical for understanding and managing each unique temperament in today’s workplace.  The session concludes with an inspirational and insightful presentation, documenting real-world examples of management success and defining the building blocks for improved results via temperament management. Paul Finley’s contact information:  Tel:     (256) 509-3053;   Email: paul@paulfinleyconsulting.com; Website:  www.paulfinleyconsulting.com

Our WEDC Finance Committee is working on our Reserve Fund Investment Policy and our Communication Committee has been so busy with planning a WEDC App. 

Just to remind you, your WEDC leadership team includes myself and Sandy Edwards as Past President, Lane Fabby is Vice President, and Donna Berger is Secretary and Kandy Gardner is Treasurer. Caroline Myers serves as your External Director so if you have ideas about partnering or supporting other groups touch base with her, and Sonja Greene is internal director and is working on review of our bylaws, and processes.  Susie Averitt serves as our Program Coordinator/WEDC Admin and is doing a great job and I appreciate her so!  We are available to connect with you, to take your feedback and suggestions and welcome your input! 

Our next meeting will be March 12, 2015 where we learn about “Connecting always focuses on others”.  Our WEDC Community Outreach Committee has done an amazing job on the planning of this meeting and it is certainly one that you will want to attend.  This will help you connect like no other meeting will. 

Many blessings…lots of love.

Leigh Christian

2015 WEDC President



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