Women on Board Committee Meeting

  • 08 Feb 2012
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Smith Barney, 501 Madison Street, Downtown Huntsville
Now that we have our committee members we need to set up our first Women on Board meeting. We will meet Wednesday February 8th at 11:30 in the conference room at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney at 501 Madison Street. It is located downtown diagonal to Earlyworks Museum at the corner of Williams and Madison.
In my opinion we need to set up 3 divisions of the committee which will work simultaneously and be dependant on each other
1. Presentations
        A. We need to create a list of organizations that we wish to address within Alabama
             Organization Name, contact name, address, e-mail, phone.
        B. We need to contact each organization and request a speaking date. (at least 12, 1 per month)
        C. We need to designate a WOB/ WEDC member to go.
        D. We need to instruct these organizations about how to place a name/resume as a qualified women
        E. We need to develop our database for future reference.
2. Publication
        A. Someone to collect the data (Rose)
        B. Someone to write the brochure
        C. Someone to do the layout
        D. Printing the brochure
        E. Distribution of the brochure
3. Funding
        A. Develop a list of possible donors and advocates
        B. Create/ update the presentation to donors
        C. Create a team to talk to the possible donors
        D. Collections of money
        E. Follow-up thank you letters.
We will assign tasks at the meeting and create a timeline for accomplishing these goals. We will need a team leader for each division.  If everyone takes 1 task we can get this project rolling again very quickly.
Please let me know if you can come to the meeting.
Also, there are some receiving this e-mail that are not on the committee list but we need your help desperately. Even if you cannot come to this meeting, please e-mail me if we can rely of your expertise.